Technology Spotlight: C-arms

A C-arm is an imaging device based on traditional X-ray technology. Its name is derived from the C-shaped arm that connects the X-ray source to the X-ray detector to make one machine. C-arm technology has advanced considerably within the last decade, making it an even more valuable tool to have in your operating room

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Why Choose C-arms?

C-arms are terrific performers in both terms of versatility and overall effectiveness.
Like many of the modern imaging technology found in operating rooms, C-arms are typically portable, and now showcase considerable improvements in image quality.

For example, today’s C-arm devices have adopted the digital flat-panel detector, the panel having been designed to produce the highest quality images possible with minimal patient exposure to radiation.

In orthopedics, 3D C-arm CT-like imaging enables intraoperative revisions and evaluation which helps avoid the need for repeated surgeries. C-arm technology is now even capable of imaging vascular and cardiac procedures.

The cooling technology of C-arms has also improved substantially. In years past, C-arms were notorious for overheating, and technicians preferred to use them only when their task could be performed over small intervals of time. Today a, C-arm’s advanced cooling methods keep them operating both better and longer.

In view of recent health trends, the use C-arms are going to become increasingly necessary. With vascular diseases on the rise (such as hypertension and enlarged prostates), market forces will favor imaging equipment that can quickly and efficiently diagnose and process patients.

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Keeping that in mind, the return on an investment in a modern C-arm is nearly guaranteed–for both your clinic and your patients.The speed and accuracy at which a C-arm can be used can increase the operating room workflow. And by helping get patients back to their lives more quickly, C-arms free up your clinic to aid more sick patients.

C-arms with All Star X-ray

Each operating environment is different, so you should select imaging devices that are complementary to the rest of your equipment. Before you purchase a C-arm, you should consider which make and model is perfect for you.

At All Star X-ray, we provide our clients with the highest quality and most innovative C-arm technology available. We are here help you decide which C-arm is best suited to your needs. Reach out to us today and unlock the power of C-arms for your practice.