Healthcare in Rural America

Rural areas of America present unique obstacles to healthcare providers and patients. Issues include: lack of physicians, underfunded resources, remote locations, and hospital closures.

Understanding the disparities between urban and rural healthcare is the first step towards confronting known issues, be they political or logistical.

Rural Populations

According to the Rural Healthy People Study in 2010, nearly 25% of the American population (or approximately 57 million people) live in rural areas. Roughly 10% of the country’s physicians, however, practice in these areas.

The population in rural areas tends to be more likely to live below the poverty level. On average, the per capita income is $7,417 less than that in urban areas. The lower income correlates with rural areas being far less likely to have employer-provided health coverage.

In addition to the population and income factors, more than 470 rural hospitals have closed in the past 25 years. This makes an underserved area even more stressed, and travel times to health care providers even longer.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Even with fewer doctors, better technology and updated equipment can keep rural areas from falling behind. Diagnostic imaging is important to mobilize rural healthcare and the expansion of care to rural areas. This equipment can be used to predict and treat conditions before they become serious medical issues requiring more resources and larger interventions.

Recent studies have focused on the importance of imaging technology in resource-poor communities. Diagnostic equipment for rural areas needs to be suited to a wider set of circumstances than the equipment used in urban centers.

The machines need to be reliable, even in flawed environments. Ease in operation is also important, given the low number of physicians available to oversee procedures. High quality images are also key to the success of rural imaging, as they give a more accurate view of conditions that need to be treated.

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