Philanthropy in Ghana

All Star X-ray owner Cheryl Gray recently returned from a philanthropic trip to Ateiku, a small village in western Ghana with a population of about 200,000 people. Thanks to the efforts of Reverend Lawrence Oduro and his lifetime commitment to serve the people of Ateiku, Western Region, Ghana; he rallied the financial support for the purchase of the unit through various donations, industrial organizations and personal financial dedication.

The Donations

The system purchased for Christina Adcock and Sons Hospital was a Cuattro CloudDR Portable System, a digital radiography machine that utilizes a cloud-based interface to store and share X-rays with healthcare professionals around the world. This unique, wireless feature makes a world of difference for the hospital’s patients, who can receive input, advice and even diagnoses from specialists thousands of miles away if necessary. And thanks to its portability, the staff doesn’t have to worry about losing premium storage space.

All Star X-ray Philanthropy in Ateiku

Gray donated her time to help train the community’s radiologists – Mills (laboratory technician), Lawrence (medical technician), Abraham (medical technician for outpatient care) and Chris (medical technician for outpatient care) – all of whom rose to the occasion and performed spectacularly. Normal NCT courses, like the ones offered by All Star X-ray, take about nine weeks to complete. The training at Christina Adcock and Sons took five days, but involved the same level of comprehensiveness and quality.

What This Means

The Cuattro CloudDR Portable System’s compact size makes it easy to store, and it’s powerful enough to help keep local workers and families healthy. And thanks to the cloud, radiologists at Christina Adcock and Sons Hospital can wirelessly share imaging with healthcare professionals around the world should the need arise.

Christina Adcock and Sons Hospital currently treats up to 100 patients a day, with 80 beds for overnight or extended care. As it stands now, the institution’s size is not enough to support another conventional x-ray machine needed to support the community and its fairly large population.

The hospital is currently constructing its second wing, which will house a conventional X-ray machine All Star donated in 2009. Once completed, Gray will return to Ateiku to offer up more in-depth radiology training.

If you are interested in donating money, equipment or time to Christina Adcock and Sons Hospital, please visit this website for instructions and information.

The Future

All Star X-ray is looking forward to continuing its support of the Ateiku community. We are also available to help you with your radiology needs, regardless of whether you run a clinic, private practice or hospital. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you with the sale, installation and maintenance of your x-ray equipment.