Update: New Details on Canon’s Acquisition of Toshiba Medical

Canon acquired Toshiba Medical in 2016. Toshiba Medical is one of the world’s leading companies for medical equipment. They’re known for their wide variety of products, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems, X-ray systems, diagnostic ultrasound systems, diagnostic nuclear medicine systems. Toshiba Medical also offers advanced medical imaging solutions and in-vitro diagnostics that are specialized for individual care.

Through the acquisition, Canon hopes to leverage Toshiba Medical’s impressive array of products and services, Canon’s robust business portfolio and partnerships, and the strong management capabilities of both corporations, and in turn increase the production of innovative and improved medical equipment and products worldwide.

  • According to a joint email sent by Toshiba Medical and Canon, as of April of 2017 the following updates occurred:
  • Canon Inc. welcomed Toshiba Medical’s president, Toshio Takiguchi, as a senior managing executive officer.
  • Canon Inc. established healthcare as a key part of future plans and committed more than 8% of its revenues on average to R&D.
  • Quarterly results reported combined financials for Toshiba Medical and Canon, and contributed about 70% of its sales amount increase to the acquisition.

Additionally, in a letter to its customers, Toshiba Medical noted that its former parent company, the Toshiba Corporation, is currently undergoing financial issues, but stressed that this won’t affect their company, as they are now under the ownership of Canon. They also note with that in January 2018, Toshiba Medical will reach an “exciting milestone” when they officially change their name to Canon Medical Systems Corporation.

What You Can Expect From the Acquisition

Whether you’re a consumer of Toshiba Medica products or Canon products, this acquisition means that you can look forward to super levels of service combined with an overall increase in the quality of medical equipment on the market. As Canon and Toshiba Medical consolidate medical equipment technology, their imaging products will be more advanced than ever before.

At All-Star X-ray, we know that the Toshiba Medical acquisition may directly affect you and your business. If you have questions or update requests regarding this acquisition, contact us. Our team of experienced professionals will help you stay up-to-date on the latest acquisition details and equipment updates and upgrades.