All Star X-ray: Your Image Is Our Business

At All Star X-ray, we provide the best x-ray and imaging equipment. If you’re ready to replace or upgrade the imaging equipment in your practice, then we’re here to help.

Imaging equipment

Looking for new or updated equipment? Visit our imaging equipment pages, where you’ll be able to select from machines that range from conventional x-ray machines to digital radiography machines, and cloud-based imaging machines, to dental or veterinary imaging machines.

Computed radiography equipment

Computer radiography equipment is the most popular equipment for small or private practices because one image reader can support multiple rooms. With computer radiography equipment, a cassette with phosphor receptors is used to capture an image. The image is then placed in the computer’s radiography reader, where lasers are used to release phosphor energy, creating a digital image which is then sent to your computer.

Digital radiography equipment

Digital radiography machines are known for producing very high-quality images. In these machines, the photons are received directly onto a plate after passing through your patient, thus producing the image in less than 6 seconds. There is no cassette. Technology that may allow digital radiology to go wireless is in development.

All Star X-ray can also help you with these additional types of imaging equipment:

Our clinical specialties

All Star X-Ray is based in Texas but works with hospitals and practices in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Our team of experts will always work with you to find the right new or used equipment for any size facility. We’re experts in working many different kinds of practices, including:

All Star X-Ray is a full-service company. We’re prepared to sell, install, and service all of the equipment shown here on our website. We can also provide any training for you or your employees who will use the equipment that you decide fits your practice or hospital.

Your advanced imaging equipment provider

All Star X-Ray is here to provide your facility or practice with any number of advanced imaging machines. Whether you’re looking for a CT, MRI, mammography, or bone density machine, we can help.

No matter what kind of imaging machines you need, you can always call our experts at 866-381-4079 or contact us online. We’re located in the DFW Metroplex and have provided superior products and service for more than 18 years. We love what we do. We care about you. Your image is our business!