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Get the Lead Out: The Benefits of Lead Aprons

X-rays are sometimes a cause for confusion and concern among patients of all ages. MRI machines, PET and CT scanners, x-ray machines and other medical imaging machines are some of the most common pieces of equipment one encounters in a visit to the doctor’s office; for a nervous or younger patient, the machinery can appear intimidating, even dangerous. However, all of these machines are relatively harmless so long as the patients and medical staff wear lead aprons.

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How Footwear Affects the Feet

Aside from its role in function and fashion, how much thought do you give to your shoes? Did you know the size, shape or style of your shoe can cause physiological damage to your feet, knees, hips and back? Even the cushiest of shoes may pose hidden dangers to your feet. To avoid foot and other injuries, keep the following information in mind when choosing a pair of shoes.

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X-ray Radiation Safety


Even though they aren’t directly being tested, radiographers and other medical imaging employees are still susceptible to increased levels of radiation. Because increased radiation exposure happens on a day in, day out basis for them – it’s especially important that they be properly trained for safety protocols.

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