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Top 7 X-Ray Technologies Every Veterinarian Should Have

Pets are our members of the family, and you naturally want to ensure they receive the best possible medical care. Whether pet owner, veterinarian or both, the most effective and efficient radiography machinery available is one of the most crucial steps to take to make sure animal companions remain safe and healthy in the years to come. We recommend – and carry – the following top-of-the-line products to perfect your veterinary practice.

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Dental Care for Pets

The idea of a cat or a dog paying a routine visit to the dentist sounds comedic, sure, but it’s actually an essential component of responsible pet ownership. If left unchecked, gum disease, plaque, tartar and other periodontal disorders can spread bacteria to the rest of the body. Which can, in turn, lead to disrupts in healthy organ function. Make tending to the needs of your pet’s oral well-being a regular part of his or her routine.

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The Pet Threat: Why Pets Need X-rays

Why should you have your pet X-rayed? Because X-ray imaging is the most effective and least invasive way to make sure your pet is as healthy on the inside as he or she appears on the outside. X-rays reveal and help diagnose health issues that we humans are otherwise not able to see, and certainly our barking and meowing friends cannot bring to our attention.

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For Best Oral Care Try Dental X-ray Unit!

The most frequent diagnosed health problems taking place in pets is oral disease. Yet, it seems to not be receiving the proper attention that it should.

There are more than 1,400 veterinary professionals whom are members of the AVDS (American Veterinary Dental Society) approximately about 100 veterinarians are board certified in dental care. This just shows that a lot of vets are not utilizing the necessary tools to inform the clients about dental care recommendations.

John Lewis, DVM, Dipl. AVDC, president-elect of the AVDS and assistant professor of veterinary dentistry and oral surgery at the University of Pennsylvania mentions the following “More emphasis needs to be placed on the importance of year-round dental care.” Also, Dr. Lewis added on that “Having access to the right dental equipment will enhance the likelihood of owners’ compliance and interest in having their pets’ dental procedures performed.”

The American Veterinary Medical Association is estimating that 66% of companion animals could have untreated Stage One periodontal disease. With the failure to recommend early treatment options that include professional cleaning and x-rays. In part this is why this figure exists.

One of the ways that you can encourage clients is to have them invest into professional dental care for pets and to discuss problems that could occur due to possible poor dental care or could possibly go unnoticed due to the lack of oral exams.

Dr. Lewis mentions that “periodontal disease is getting more attention by researchers,” and also added that “in literature, anywhere from 21 to 75 percent of feline patients have resorptive lesions. I can say about half of all cats seen at our practice have them.”

Dr. Lewis continued on to say “without a dental X-ray machine, you can only see about 50 percent of the tooth’s structure,” Lewis continued with, “the dental X-ray allows you to determine if the entire root has been extracted or if a root canal has been properly performed.”

This shows that you can’t always forget about one area of a pet. Dental care is extremely important and really needs to be valued and showed more of that. If you haven’t had your pets checked for oral care, now would be a great opportunity to go and do so!

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