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Find the Right Specialized Imaging Device for your Clinic

All imaging device are useful, but some devices were created to fulfill specific needs. Take ultrasound devices and c-arm devices, for example. Both devices allow us to “see” inside of the human body, but an ultrasound device requires a skilled ultrasound technician (a sonographer) and emits a high-frequency pulse that’s most useful for imaging soft tissues, while a C-arm device uses X-ray technology that most useful for imaging bones and internal organs, even during operations.

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Machine Learning in Radiology

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI). It gives software the ability to learn from past experiences and to incorporate what it has learned into new data processing methods. The purpose of machine learning is to enable software to evolve without needing someone to provide “hand holding” through every new process.

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Update: New Details on Canon’s Acquisition of Toshiba Medical

Canon acquired Toshiba Medical in 2016. Toshiba Medical is one of the world’s leading companies for medical equipment. They’re known for their wide variety of products, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems, X-ray systems, diagnostic ultrasound systems, diagnostic nuclear medicine systems. Toshiba Medical also offers advanced medical imaging solutions and in-vitro diagnostics that are specialized for individual care.

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The Love for Medical Imaging

Most of us have undergone the need for using medical imaging at some point in our lives. Whether it was for a dental exam, a stomach x-ray, a CT scan or even an MRI, medical imaging spans across a wide range of necessities to help discover and diagnosis for the proper treatments that will keep us at our ultimate health. As medical imaging continues to expand and advance, we’ve looked back to how it even started and where we hope it may go in the future.

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New Frontier of Medical Imaging

About 20 years ago, if a medical imaging professional wanted to consult with another professional 50 miles away, they had to make a copy of the image, mail it off, wait for it to arrive, and then schedule a time to discuss the image. Today, with the modern hardware and software, the same medical imaging professionals can be brought together to review and discuss images within minutes. Like everything else in the world, radiography will continue to evolve with the times.

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Purchase Value, Not Price

x-ray machine

Bargains aren’t always defined as paying the lowest possible price up front. In fact, skimping in some cases might actually lead to higher costs in the long run. When it comes to x-ray and radiography equipment, you can’t afford to take whatever you can get. Your patients and their loved ones depend on you to offer up accurate diagnoses and progress reports. The right treatment requires the right machine for the job – not the most inexpensive one.

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