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Top 5 Benefits of Portable X-Ray Machines

The Top 5 Benefits of Portable X-Ray Machines

It’s not always possible for patients to get to a doctor’s office or clinic when they need an x-ray performed. Portable x-ray machine technology provides patients and doctors with a solution to this problem. Mobile, easy-to-use, and safe, the use of portable x-ray machines can come with a number of benefits, including increased quality of care and number of lives saved.

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5 Reasons Digital Radiography Outperforms Computed Radiography

If you are in the market for a new X-ray system, you’re looking for a system that will meet your needs, fit your budget, and operate efficiently, and inspire your confidence (of course, it wouldn’t hurt if it performed above those expectations, too). During your search, you will inevitably come across two popular models: the conventional computed radiography systems and the newer digital radiography systems.
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The History and Future of X-ray Technology

The history of X-ray technology is fascinating. Understanding how one discovery built upon another, and how subsequent research was conducted in order to realize the full potential X-ray technology, gives you a sense of how far the medical community has come in the diagnosis and treatment of everything from minor sprains to killer diseases such as pneumonia.

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Conventional vs. Digital Radiography

In the medical world, digital radiography is certainly growing in popularity over conventional film technologies. As digital radiography options decrease in price, more clinics and private practices are enjoying access to enhanced image quality. Image quality and portability are two big reasons we believe healthcare practitioners seeking faster, higher-quality imaging should explore the option of digital radiography.

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When Is the Right Time for New X-ray Equipment?

Now that we’ve passed into the new year, healthcare professionals have a prime opportunity to re-devote themselves to their patients, drawing up new goals about how to provide better care. With so many clinics, private practices and hospitals rethinking their budgets, now is the best time to invest in some of the updated radiography and X-ray machines that are on the market right now.
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