All Star X-ray and Esaote Announce Partnership

All Star X-ray and Esaote, a leader in medical diagnostic system production, are proud to announce their new partnership. Esaote provides an extensive ultrasound equipment product line which includes systems for point-of-care imaging, cardiovascular imaging, general care imaging, and more.

Esaote is and always has been committed to maintaining the technological expertise and flexibility required to keep up with today’s ever-changing healthcare environment. This partnership with Esaote systems and equipment adds yet another name to All Star X-ray’s list of trusted ultrasound manufacturers.

The Esaote Group

As one of the top names in diagnostic imaging systems production, Esaote has focused on defining and delivering results in the field of medical diagnostic imaging since the 1980s.

Esaote is an internationally renowned manufacturer of medical diagnostic systems, is the leader in dedicated MRI, and is known for their supportive diagnostic and prevention equipment. Today, Esaote also manufactures systems that facilitate treatment and follow-up procedures.

Esaote ultrasound systems

For over thirty years, Esaote has provided equipment, peripherals, and support for their MyLab™ line of ultrasound systems. Their focus on innovative clinical solutions has solidified Esaote’s place among the world’s leading producers of medical imaging equipment.

Esaote’s MyLab™ easy-to-use and high-performing systems are designed to increase daily productivity and to enable physicians to make informed healthcare decisions and diagnoses.

All Star X-ray will offer eight of the Esaote MyLab™ systems, including those highlighted below.

Point-of-care systems

The MyLab™Alpha, MyLab™Gamma, and MyLab™Twice systems known for their performance and fast diagnosis. They are also smaller in size and more lightweight than standard equipment.

Cardiovascular ultrasound system

The MyLab™Class C ultrasound system was designed to fit physicians’ basic needs for high-level imaging. Its reliable performance and advanced technology make it perfect for everyday use.

General imaging systems

Esaote offers the MyLab™Class C and the MyLab™Seven systems for general imaging applications. Both systems provide diagnostic value in an efficient, compact platform.

All Star X-ray will be the national distributor for the Esaote ultrasound systems listed above, as well as their full line of X-ray accessories, supplies, and software. Click here for the full list of Esaote products provided by All Star X-ray. Contact All Star X-ray for more information or to request a free quote today.