World Housing Solutions Chooses All Star X-ray in Latest Relief Effort

The recent hurricanes and subsequent devastation of the island of Puerto Rico have left millions without access to healthcare and other basic necessities. All Star X-ray is dedicated to continuing our philanthropic efforts by partnering with Clinics on Wheels to provide those in need with access to portable x-ray services, medical services, and emergency services.

Rebuilding Puerto Rico

Many Puerto Ricans are still dealing with the fallout from the devastation caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in September of 2017.

After Hurricane Maria hit the island, nearly all of the 3.4 million inhabitants were left without phone and internet service. For a long period, the entire island was without power. Because of this, many residents lost their access to medications and medical treatment.

The Clinics on Wheels mobile facility by World Housing Solutions features treatment rooms customized for General Medical, OB/GYN, Dental and Dialysis Services. For specific relief to Puerto Rico, World Housing Solutions came to All Star X-ray for expert advice on the addition of Digital Radiography. We were able to custom fit the relief trailer with a Vizion Digital Portable X-ray Solution that could provide instant image review and communication with radiologists in Orlando for complete diagnostic readings.

The efforts of organizations such as the World Housing Solution, Clinics on Wheels, and All Star X-ray have helped the citizens of Puerto Rico to slowly recover, but there are still a lot of people with immediate medical needs.

Past Outreach Efforts

Medreach mission to Malawi

In the past, All Star X-ray has worked with other charitable organizations such as Medreach, Inc. We were very proud of Denisha Shipman as she served as a healthcare volunteer during a medical mission trip in October of 2014 to the remote villages of Malawi.

At the time, 80% of Malawi’s citizens lived below the poverty line and earned less than $1.25 per day. These and other obstacles such as proximity to hospitals made access to basic healthcare solutions extremely difficult to obtain.

While in Malawi, Denisha and other Medreach volunteers attended to over 2,300 patients over the course of five days by providing sunglasses and much-needed prescriptions to the underserved population.

In honor of Dr. Gary Grote

Recently, All Star X-ray lost our long-time friend, Dr. Gary Grote. To honor Dr. Grote’s lifetime of work and his achievements, All Star X-ray was proud to donate one of the Rayence line of digital radiography machines to The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize, Central America. The Rayence machine was installed in April, 2018 and has been aiding doctors in patient care reliably and quickly since its installation.

All Star X-ray plans on continuing patient outreach efforts by donating more imaging equipment where necessary. We currently have plans to send more equipment to Puerto Rico and Belize as well as future donations for tribal health in Alaska and village clinics in Western Africa.

About Clinics on Wheels and the World Housing Solution

All Star X-ray is currently partnering with Clinics on Wheels to provide portable x-ray machines to the off-grid and mobile clinics dedicated to helping the citizens of Puerto Rico.

Clinics on Wheels is engineered by the World Housing Solution to provide rapidly scalable, fully mobile, off-the-grid emergency response units anywhere, anytime. The World Housing Solution organization is dedicated to designing Clinics on Wheels units that will provide the precise amount of resources needed in any situation, helping to enable efficient provisioning.

All of the structures designed and manufactured by the World Housing Solution can be erected within hours of arrival on-site using minimal tools. The Clinics on Wheels can be paired with different medical units to create a fully capable medical emergency clinic that is earthquake, hurricane, typhoon, mold, and mildew resistant.

Importance of Portable X-ray Machines

Because the Clinics on Wheels medical units have to be mobile and easily set up, the equipment used in the clinics also needs to be portable and flexible. All Star X-ray provides a number of portable x-ray machine solutions with a nearly limitless flexibility to position patients while still providing the best digital radiography capabilities and value.

About the Vizion Portable DR

For the needs of Clinics on Wheels in Puerto Rico, All Star X-ray felt that the Vizion Portable DR machine from Viztek would be the best portable imaging solution for the mobile clinics.

The Vizion Portable DR is an extremely versatile digital radiography unit that produces images within seconds. It has a sleek, slim design, weighing only 9 lbs and offering an imaging area of 14” x 17.”

With the Vizion Portable DR’s flat panel technology and lightness, it fits easily into smaller x-ray rooms. Clinics on Wheels continues to use the Vizion Portable DR in their mobile clinics to this day.

If you would like to find out more about the Vizion Portable DR machine or about any other All Star X-ray portable x-ray equipment contact us online or at (866) 381-4079 today to speak with our service team or to request a quote.