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Why You Must Go Digital!

What is the connection with the rising cost of gas and X-ray chemicals? In X-ray chemicals, there is fuel, which has been on the rise in the past few months.

In recent days, we have heard of notification of sharp increases on Hydroquinone, Caustic Potash and Ammonium Thiosulfate which are key components of X-ray developers and fixers.

As you may know, the Medical X-ray Film industry has been going through a few changes recently. It has been announced that a recent price increase of X-ray film products of approximately 10% across the board to all its distributors.

With the way the economy currently is, we’re spending a lot more money on fuel than we’d like to. In general, we want to find some sort of way to not have to increase our spending. Here at All Star X-ray, we can provide you with a product more price efficient, the digital X-ray. We carry both CCD Digital Radiography machines and DR Digital Radiography equipment.   Digital is green and you can see all that we carry by visiting our website.

Fewer Mammogram Screenings Having a Negative Effect on Breast Cancer Survival Rates?

The USPSTF (US Preventative Services Task Force) made the huge recommendation in November 2009, that females ages 40-49 do not receive mammogram screenings for breast cancer.

In a study that has been done by researchers at the University of Colorado, the number of annual mammograms has dropped for females in the 40-49 years age range, which isn’t making it easier to find the disease in the early stages.

The recommendation has had a negative impact. Dr. Lara Hardesty quoted saying “Since USPSTF’s recommendations, there has been a considerable fall in the number of screenings using mammograms for women aged 40-49. If practitioners and physicians everywhere keep up with less mammogram screenings, the detection of breast cancer could keep falling.” Dr. Plecha is quoted with saying “These guidelines greatly concerned us, especially for our patients and primary physicians. We know that when patients are screened earlier, they have a better prognosis for detection and treatment.”

Maybe it’s time to start going back on the mammograms, despite the recommendation. Breast Cancer Awareness has fought hard to get to the level of recognition it has currently achieved today, yet with these recommendations the level will surely decline, and essentially put lives of many young women at risk.  Until we have a definitive solution for breast cancer, we should continue the régime that has proven to be early detection study, lessened the fatality rate, and overall decreases the total expense of healthcare.  This simple 15 minute procedure should not be compromised.  To learn more about Quality, Affordable Imaging Equipment that help save lives, visit

Chiropractics: The Ways They Can Help You Feel Great!

The state of Iowa is where chiropractic medicine was born. Still, many Iowans struggle with the decision of whether or not they should see their local chiropractic.

One man, Chad Kammin, 50, started visiting his local chiropractic office to have treatment on his back as a teenager. Kammin explained that “…and my back didn’t quite catch up.” He visits his local chiropractor twice a month for treatment. Kammin also went on to add, “I just always walk out feeling better than when I walked in,” and continued with, “It puts me back to where I should have been, had I not sat all day or done a fairly strenuous workout or been cramped for 18 hours on a plane in economy seating and I’m six-four.”

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit a chiropractor, Pulley, a graduate of the first chiropractic school Palmer College located in Davenport, says when you have recurring pain in your neck or back. The biggest reason people go see a chiropractor is because of their back. Pulley added on explaining that “Any joint pain – shoulders, knees, hips – is like rust on a car. The longer you let it go, the worse it gets.”

Visiting a chiropractor is very important for your physical health. With back and neck pains, we find it harder to strive to keep going daily. Visit your local chiropractor today to get back to physically feeling better!

For Best Oral Care Try Dental X-ray Unit!

The most frequent diagnosed health problems taking place in pets is oral disease. Yet, it seems to not be receiving the proper attention that it should.

There are more than 1,400 veterinary professionals whom are members of the AVDS (American Veterinary Dental Society) approximately about 100 veterinarians are board certified in dental care. This just shows that a lot of vets are not utilizing the necessary tools to inform the clients about dental care recommendations.

John Lewis, DVM, Dipl. AVDC, president-elect of the AVDS and assistant professor of veterinary dentistry and oral surgery at the University of Pennsylvania mentions the following “More emphasis needs to be placed on the importance of year-round dental care.” Also, Dr. Lewis added on that “Having access to the right dental equipment will enhance the likelihood of owners’ compliance and interest in having their pets’ dental procedures performed.”

The American Veterinary Medical Association is estimating that 66% of companion animals could have untreated Stage One periodontal disease. With the failure to recommend early treatment options that include professional cleaning and x-rays. In part this is why this figure exists.

One of the ways that you can encourage clients is to have them invest into professional dental care for pets and to discuss problems that could occur due to possible poor dental care or could possibly go unnoticed due to the lack of oral exams.

Dr. Lewis mentions that “periodontal disease is getting more attention by researchers,” and also added that “in literature, anywhere from 21 to 75 percent of feline patients have resorptive lesions. I can say about half of all cats seen at our practice have them.”

Dr. Lewis continued on to say “without a dental X-ray machine, you can only see about 50 percent of the tooth’s structure,” Lewis continued with, “the dental X-ray allows you to determine if the entire root has been extracted or if a root canal has been properly performed.”

This shows that you can’t always forget about one area of a pet. Dental care is extremely important and really needs to be valued and showed more of that. If you haven’t had your pets checked for oral care, now would be a great opportunity to go and do so!

Veterinarians, remember All Star X-ray for your source for your digital dental equipment. Call for our May special!