Top 7 X-Ray Technologies Every Veterinarian Should Have

Pets are our members of the family, and you naturally want to ensure they receive the best possible medical care. Whether pet owner, veterinarian or both, the most effective and efficient radiography machinery available is one of the most crucial steps to take to make sure animal companions remain safe and healthy in the years to come. We recommend – and carry – the following top-of-the-line products to perfect your veterinary practice.

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How Footwear Affects the Feet

Aside from its role in function and fashion, how much thought do you give to your shoes? Did you know the size, shape or style of your shoe can cause physiological damage to your feet, knees, hips and back? Even the cushiest of shoes may pose hidden dangers to your feet. To avoid foot and other injuries, keep the following information in mind when choosing a pair of shoes.

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Dental Care for Pets

The idea of a cat or a dog paying a routine visit to the dentist sounds comedic, sure, but it’s actually an essential component of responsible pet ownership. If left unchecked, gum disease, plaque, tartar and other periodontal disorders can spread bacteria to the rest of the body. Which can, in turn, lead to disrupts in healthy organ function. Make tending to the needs of your pet’s oral well-being a regular part of his or her routine.

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The Best Time for New X-ray Equipment

While it is true that there is never a bad time to purchase new imaging equipment, your business can benefit if that purchase is made before the end of the tax year. Although the Section 179 deduction limit for equipment purchases made in 2014 is down from $500,000 to $25,000, business owners should take advantage of this still-significant tax break before December 31.

Checking an X-ray

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Are High Heel Shoes Dangerous to Your Health?

A carefully selected pair of high heel shoes can make or break an outfit. They project such a wide range of images – of power, of beauty, of taste – that their appeal is absolutely undeniable. However, even the most fashionable footwear can cause health issues and increase the risk of everything from minor foot pain to more serious injuries. Some podiatrists report that up to a quarter of their female patients seek treatment for issues directly related to high heel shoes!

woman removing her high heel shoes and massaging her feet

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The History and Future of X-ray Technology

The history of X-ray technology is fascinating. Understanding how one discovery built upon another, and how subsequent research was conducted in order to realize the full potential X-ray technology, gives you a sense of how far the medical community has come in the diagnosis and treatment of everything from minor sprains to killer diseases such as pneumonia.

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X-ray Radiation Safety


Even though they aren’t directly being tested, radiographers and other medical imaging employees are still susceptible to increased levels of radiation. Because increased radiation exposure happens on a day in, day out basis for them – it’s especially important that they be properly trained for safety protocols.

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