What Courses Do I Need for My Radiography Education?

You’ve enjoyed your role as a health technologist for a while. Maybe it’s now time to re-evaluate your career and see whether it is in line with your long-term goals. You’re certainly aware that the current X-ray technology is ever-changing, and that furthering your certification is a must if you are to plan thoroughly for the foreseeable future.

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Demanding Proper Healthcare for Veterans

A recent Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) proposal (AP44) will try to cut costs on VA healthcare by granting all advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) full practice authority over veterans, without the supervision of qualified physicians. This includes the authority to “order, perform, supervise, and interpret laboratory and imaging studies.”

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5 Things You Might Not Know about X-Rays

From the moment they were unexpectedly observed by Wilhelm Röntgen in 1895, X-rays have been a mystifying and powerful force, able to reveal what’s underneath our skin, as well as what lies in the black of outer space, and more. As illuminating as they are dangerous, X-rays have given us advancements in numerous sciences, but not without taking some hair and skin off would-be experimenters in the process. Here are five things you might not know about X-rays.

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Purchase Value, Not Price

x-ray machine

Bargains aren’t always defined as paying the lowest possible price up front. In fact, skimping in some cases might actually lead to higher costs in the long run. When it comes to x-ray and radiography equipment, you can’t afford to take whatever you can get. Your patients and their loved ones depend on you to offer up accurate diagnoses and progress reports. The right treatment requires the right machine for the job – not the most inexpensive one.

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